Waratah Hiking Quilt

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Waratah Quilt Stock
Waratah Quilt Stock
Waratah Quilt Stock
Waratah Quilt Stock

Quilt Weight: 660g

Down Weight: 445g

Compression Volume: 4.5L

Our Quilt is specifically made for side sleepers, 
with its 147cm width and differential cut

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The Waratah sleeping quilt is the perfect option for backpackers and campers who prioritize versatility, weight savings, and customization in their sleep system. It easily integrates with your sleeping pad, providing comfort across a range of temperatures and climates while minimising bulk and weight in your backpack.


The Waratah Quilt is designed to be extremely versatile in various weather conditions. On warm nights, it can be opened up like a blanket to allow for better ventilation and breathability. On colder nights, it can be adjusted using a 1/4 length zipper footbox and draft collar to provide more insulation by cinching it closed.

The adjustable footbox is a feature that allows you to regulate the amount of warmth and insulation around your feet. This can be particularly useful when dealing with temperature fluctuations during the night.


Keeping you warm is our priority. This is why we choose to rate our quilts for Women/Cold sleepers unlike many other brands who are overly optimistic about their ratings. 

We're also generous with our fill amounts, using 10-20% more down than nessecary meaning even the coldest sleepers will be warm in our quilts.

No More Draughts

The Waratah Quilt utilises a unique pad attchment point which is located on the side of the quilt but inside by 20cm. This creates a draught barrier which completely elimates all draughts when rolling side to side. 

In comparison to other quilt companies which have the pad attachment points directly on the side of the quilt.

Differential Cut

One of the most important characteristics of a well defined sleep system is the differential cut.

A differential cut is when the outer shell of a quilt is cut wider than the inner shell to fully allow the down to loft and reduce compression when pushing up against the inner.

This not only allows for greater efficiency of warmth, but it also give the quilt a better 'wrapping' ability in which it will stay underneath you more easily as the quilt is shaped by the differential cut.

Efficient Down Distribution

Specific Baffles of the Waratah Quilt are purposely over-filled and under-filled to maximise thermal efficiency

The outer torso baffles have less down, this is because due to our pad attachment system, these baffles will be underneath you and therefore wont add much thermal value. In exchange we are able to overfill the inner torso baffles to keep the vitals warmer

We also overfill the footbox as feet are one of the first things to get cold

About Quilts

How to Setup

Sleeping Bag vs Quilt

Unfilled Specs:

• Shoulder: 147cm

• Hip: 127cm

• Foot: 105cm

• Height: 190/205cm


• 10D Nylon Taffeta Inner and Outer Fabric

• Choice of 950FP Goose Down or 850FP Duck Down. Both • 95% Down content

• 50cm YKK #3 Zipper


• Differential Cut creates a natural curve and reduces the chance of compressing the down when moving or shifting while sleeping

• Unique Pad Attachment system that utilises a draft barrier by placing the quilt clips in further from the edge of the quilt

• Down Filled Collar for ultimate neck comfort and warmth

• Draft Blocking Foot Box Closure

• Overstuffed Baffles over the Foot and Torso Section for efficient warmth

• RDS Certified Down Supplier, both 850 Duck and 950 Goose Down

• Premium 10D fabrics offer a soft luxury feel and shave grams for the best weight to durability ratio.


Brisbane / Gold Cost:

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How warm of a Sleeping Pad do I need?

Sleep pads are a critical piece of an effective sleeping system. They help trap the heat from coming up underneath you, Sleeping Pad R value is very important when using a quilt.

Outside Temp. (C*) Recommended Pad R Value:
Above 5*C = R3
0*C = R4
Below -5*C ≥ R5

Sleeping pad R values are additive ie. a 3R pad with a 2R foam pad = 5R rated system*

Why don't we use Hydrophobic Down?

We have found in our own experience that the performance enhancements of hydrophobic treatments on high quality down are widely overstated. High quality untreated down already has naturally water repellant oils on it left by the geese (makes sense since geese spend a lot of time in water). These oils help repel water and keep down lofted. More importantly is that these oils last indefinitely.

Hydrophobic treatments wash out like a DWR and remove the natural oils during the application process. Because of this, and the water resistant capability of our shell fabrics, we feel that hydrophobic down does not provide a considerable impact on performance and could actually inhibit performance over the lifetime of our products

What is Fillpower?

Fill power refers to down's ability to loft and regain its original volume after being compressed.

In technical terms, fill power is a rating system based on how much space one ounce of down will occupy in cubic inches when allowed to reach its maximum loft. 

The higher the fill power, the lighter and fluffier the down will be, and the more efficiently it will insulate and provide warmth. Fill power applies equally to duck down and goose down. For example a 950FP Quilt has 10% less down than an 850FP Quilt, making it 10% more compressible, 10% lighter and still as warm.

How are your temperature ratings determined?

We use a Women's comfort temperature rating which means women who generally sleep colder than men should be warm at the stated temperature. Men/Warm Sleepers can generally sleep about 5 degrees warmer than this temperature. 

Eg for our -2 Waratah Quilt, The Women's/Cold Sleeper rating is -2*C and for Men/Warm Sleepers the rating is -7*C

However, everyone is different when it comes to cold tolerance, so some folks who are cold sleepers (you know who you are) will need to add overstuffing to ensure that they're warm enough. Various other factors will influence your overall warmth, including a campsite exposed to wind, hydration, caloric intake, fitness, and humidity.

Should I get Overstuff?

Each bag is designed with the ideal baffle height and differential cut to accommodate for the amount of down it needs. Adding a little overfill will get you a few more degrees of warmth, typically 1*C of added warmth for every extra 20g of down. You can find overstuff here

Can I use your quilts with a Wide or Mummy sleeping pad?

Yes our quilts will work with any pad tha'ts for a single person. The quilt comes with 2x Pad straps that have adjustable width allowing for it to be used with every pad

How do I use the Pad Straps?

1. Put the 2 pad straps over your sleeping mat, around where your hip and shoulder will be. Making sure the 2 male clips are facing up

2. Attach once side of the quilt, then enter the quilt and do the remaining 2 clips on the other side

3. Adjust the clips on the pad as neseccary. Generally the best place for them is on the edge of the pads

I am just over 6 feet tall. Do I need the 6’5” length?

You can probably get away with using the 6’ quilt if you are up to 6’ ½”. Anything over that, you might feel a bit truncated in the 6’ length. If you are more than a ½” beyond that, you probably will want to size up.

I am a stomach sleeper. Should I go up a size in length?

When you sleep on your stomach with your toes pointing away from you, you essentially increase your “height”. It’s like you’re standing on tiptoes while laying down. Since our sizes refer to the maximum height of the user, you might want to consider sizing up if you are close to that size break, and you spend a lot of time sleeping on your stomach.

Is the DWR used on your quilt fabrics PFC free?

A concern for some of our customers is whether the DWR (Durable Water Repellant) treatment on our quilt fabric is PFC free. Traditional DWR treatments used C8 fluorocarbons, which have been found to be toxic to both the environment and humans, and take a very long time to break down. The DWR on our fabrics does not use C8 fluorocarbons. The 10D fabrics we use feature a DWR treatment which uses a shorter chain C6 fluorocarbon, which breaks down more quickly than C8, and has not been shown to have negative health effects.

Why not move to a PFC free DWR?

We have researched the current PFC free fabric options available for use on our quilts. Unfortunately, we’ve learned that the PFC-free DWRs are about 10% as effective as our current treatment and deteriorate much more quickly. Therefore, it would not deliver the performance or longevity our customers need. We’ve also found that fabrics treated with PFC free DWRs react poorly to body oils and skin care products (sunscreen, chapstick), resulting in excessive staining. We will continue to monitor new technologies that develop to determine if future iterations of PFC free DWRs can meet the needs of our customers.

Are there any disadvantages with the 850FP Duck own compared to 950FP Goose down?

There are no quality, performance, or longevity sacrifices in buying a duck vs. goose product. We can currently source the duck down in a fill power of 850, which means we will use more of it in a quilt compared to a 950 fill power down in order to achieve the same temperature rating. Therefore, a quilt with the 850 f.p. duck down will be slightly heavier than a quilt filled with 950 f.p. goose down.

The advantage of duck down? It is more readily available, and therefore, much cheaper.

Are quilts good for side sleepers?

Because of their ability to be opened and moved within more freely, quilts are generally better for side sleepers. Quilts allow you to sleep more naturally while in blanket-mode, and allow you to choose how secure/tight to your body the quilt sits on colder nights.

Neve Gear warrants its Quilt products will be free from defects in materials and workmanship to the original owner for Lifetime. 

If a warranty claim is validated, we will repair or replace, at our option, the damaged product. If a suitable replacement isn’t available, a refund will be issued.

Our Warranty does not cover damage caused by normal wear and tear, accident, lost or stolen items, improper care or cleaning, non-standard usage, negligence or aftermarket modifications.

Neve Gear is a small family owned business, so you can count on being able to discuss any issue you might have with a real and sympathetic person who is familiar with the gear you’re talking about. We sincerely design and test our gear to be the highest quality, so instances of warranty claims are very rare (well under 1%) but we’ll be there if you do have an issue.

For warranty issues or repair needs please email us at ryan@nevegear.com.au

What's Included

850FP/950FP Down

850FP Duck Down or 950FP Goose Down. 950FP is 10% lighter and 10% more compressible. Both Ethically sourced from an RDS certified supplier

Differential Cut

A Differential Cut creates a natural curve and reduces the chance of compressing the down when moving or shifting while sleeping