Waratah Custom Quilt

Made in NSW Australia - Lead time 8-10 weeks

After Purchase Extra Down Fill

Want to add more down to your quilt? Send it back to us 

and we'll add as much down as you want to make sure your warm

Neck and Footbox Draft Collars

The neck and footbox draft collars add extra warmth and seal out drafts 

such as from the small hole left after cinching the footbox

850/950FP Down

Choice of either 850FP Duck Down or 950FP Goose Down. 950FP is 10% more compressible and 10% lighter for the same warmth

10D Lightweight Fabric

Our silky smooth 10D fabric is the perfect mix between 

lightweight (23gsm) and durable enough to last a long time

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Goose down has been changed from 900FP to 950FP but wording unchanged on specs table

Due to Variances weights may vary by up to 3%

Based on sewn but unfilled measurements

*Highly recommened that you use a suitable R rated sleeping pad and suitable clothing for the quilt to keep you warm at the directed temperature (standard for all sleeping bags/quilts that comply with EN13537)*