4 Season

Year-round use

So Versatile

Designed to be comfortable in every season, the Waratah quilt utilises its zippered and drawcord footbox to allow for use as a blanket in summer or like a sleeping bag in winter.

Comfortable no matter how you sleep - side, stomach, or back.

So Versatile

Designed to be used in every season, the Waratah quilt used a zippered/drawcord footbox for use as a blanket in summer or snug like a sleeping bag in winter.

Rest in any position you want - side, stomach, or back.



Are you a side sleeper? Do you toss and turn at night?

Draft-Guard strategically positions the strap attachments higher on each side compared to other quilts, ensuring that more of the quilt wraps around you and more importantly beneath you, preventing any cold night air from entering when turning side to side

So Compressible

Compresses smaller than a sleeping bag

The Waratah is impressively lightweight making it a breeze to handle and store. Its compact size means you can take it with you on trips, ensuring the comfort of home wherever you go. 

So Compressible

The Waratahs compact size (4L Compressed) means you can take it with you on every trip, ensuring the comfort of home wherever you go. 

Area Specific Down

We purposely over-fill and under-fill specific down chambers to maxamise thermal efficiency and put more down where its needed

In the above picture the outer torso baffles have less down, this is because due to our pad attachment system, these baffles will be underneath you and therefore wont add much thermal value

We also overfill the footbox as feet are one of the first things to get cold

10D Fabric

We use 10D nylon for all our quilts because it has the best combination of durability, breathability, and lightweight. It's comfortable against the skin and surprisingly strong as an exterior fabric, making it a versatile choice. Our 10D nylon also provides strong wind resistance, with a rating of around 10cfm.

Our fabric also has a DWR coating which helps repel water and dry more quickly when wet

Zippered Foot box

For those who cant stop moving during the night, having foot freedom is a welcome feature. The 50cm zipper/drawcord can transform the quilt into a cozy blanket, offering comfort and flexibility. However, on extremely cold nights, you can also cinch it tight into an enclosed foot box.

The Waratah quilt utilises a box baffled construction method. This construction method involves sewing a mesh lining to control the down instead of a sewn through construction. This results in a continuous and unbroken layer of insulation, preventing heat from escaping through the seams.

Rest in a cosy quilt, not a confining bag